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Shaina Smith-Police Officer
"I've Been With Hardbody Coaching for over a year....  and the Most important Part about finding a Coach is finding a Coach that helped 1,000's of people..."
Shuntrice,37 years Old--Current Client
"I was unhappy with my weight before reaching out to the Hardbody Coaching. Its been the best investment ever."
Melissa Johnson-World Champion
"Hardbody Coaching and Transformations have been amazing to me! I've gotten to the best shape of my life and won my first world title!
Damaris Diaz's Transformation
"Team Hardbody is amazing. I love my coaches. Its been an amazing journey! Im just getting started!"
Ella Thomas
"Team Hardbody knows Nutrition and they really listen to me. I was doing a low carb diet and didn't like it. So I reached out to them and they really help me this year."
Coach Herb Cables
"Im a coach, judge and I've competed for many years. I knew I needed someone with the same beliefs and thoughts to help me with my journey. I purchased one of their books and they've guided me to my goal all year."
Leah Marie
"Team Hardbody is Amazing. They work Miracles. Amazing Communication"
Sally Cianciolo-Mrs. Natural Olympia 
"They're with you every step of the way and they will guide you to getting in really incredible shape"
Terri Reeves-55 Years Young
"Hardbody Coaching helped me take my body to a whole new level. They Made me feel Like I was their only Client."
Moses Givens-Father,MILITARY Vetran
"Hardbody Coaching is more than just a coach or a team---They are your Family. They're won world titles and been in all the magazine,but they make you feel equal. There is Love here"
Brandon Harris
"Hardbody Coaching is impressive. I really like the way they explained how and why i was doing certain things. Hardbody Coaching and Transformations Empowers their clients.
Gabriana de Sousa's Transformation
"Hardbody Coaching and Transformation are great for anyone who wants to take their bodies to the next level. They are extremely motivation and supportive. 
Geneva's Sanchez-Fitness Model,World class Athlete
"Hardbody Coaching helped me do things I never imaged possible. They were everything I ever wanted in a Coach and so much More!"
Angela Yeo-2X Pro World Champion
"Hardbody Coaching takes every client seriously. They work really hard on all their clients programs. Their Communication is amazing. In the last year, I've realized my dreams are possible!"
Maria and Mysti's Amazing Transformation
"Hardbody Coaching & Transformations helped me get in incredible shape while going through a divorce. They are worth ever single penny! Accountability!"
Khi Lee's Transformation Story
"If you wanna be your best, you need experts helping you!"
Erica Sweany
"They took all the guess work out of dieting and exercises and had my back through my entire journey. They helped me lose 20lbs!"
Marla Battle's Success Story
"I've used a lot of trainers and coaches and none have helped me like hardbody coaching and transformations. I've seen a lot of their clients results, and thats why I joined and its been the best decision ever!"
Laura Martel's Transformation
"My first year working with Law and Patricia and its been the best year ever. The Education is key. They always answer all my questions and are always on top of everything and really take all the guess work out of it."
Debi Paullin's Transformation
"Life Changers. Seriously, they are with you and helping you every step of the way. Im so grateful for Hardbody Coaching and Transformations."
Shaina's Amazing Transformation
"They go above and beyond and thats why they're the best!They don't do generic programs. They are amazing at what works for my body."
Dara's Story
"So far I've lost 40lbs and I'm down 7" on my waist! Listen to your coach and your going to see results. They know what they're doing! No quick fixes. they do things the right way."
Erica DeLisi Turns Pro
"Truly amazing group of highly educated coaches that walk the walk and know what they're doing!"
Cara Raymond's Transformation
"They treated me so kindly and helped me get in the best shoe of my life. Loved the process!THT for Life"
Jodi Warthen's Amazing Journey
"I really leaned about health and metabolism. They helped me be my best."
Michelle Hardy's Transformation
"I knew i needed some more to accelerate to my goals. So I reached out to THT and never looked back. I made more gains in 1 year with them then i did in 3! I accomplished my goals and Turned pro!"
The Power of faith
"Don't ever let someone tell you can't do something. Putting yourself in a good situation will change your mind and life."
I Am A Champion-Dianne Brown
"All the coaches are World Champions and have helped 1,000's of clients all over the world with various goals, so i knew they could help me reach my goals. Both me and my Husband have been working with them for years now. Best decision Ever."
Tracy Rabbit-3 Time World Champion,Runner Up
"Best Prep Ever!"
Mysti Kimbel!! 40 Years old, Mother of 2
I never knew I could look this good....  these coaches show you your true potential..."
Beline Williams-47 Years Old, Mother
"I've always hated the way my body looks in the mirror.... I've struggled with this my entire life...Im proud to be down over 50lbs now and Im seeing the new me each and every day!"
Mario Singelmann-Vegan
"Choosing a Coach is like buying a car or house. You get what you pay for. These guys are the real deal."
Danielle Rogers
"Amazing coaches that really care."
Travis  Rogers
"Results Don't lie. Me and my wife decided to work with them and its they helped us reach our best shapes ever."
Elle Martineau-IFBB Pro Figure Champion
"I've been with them for years and I've never looked back. Working with THT is like being on a Dream Team. The coaches listen and really care about every single client."
Kendall Guice
"They are Truly amazing at what they do for their athletes in such a short period of time."
Seville Ko-Trainer, Coach, Busines Owner
"This was done in 12 weeks. The Results speak for themselves."
Sara-35 school teacher
"Being fit makes you look younger and is the best investment in life. I love my coach."
Jen Watson
"I wasn't happy with my body so i decided to do something about it. Im glad i did. Losing over 40lbs has helped me be the person i always wanted to be."
Emily Johnson(EJ)-World Champion,Mom,Wife
"Love my Coaching and Team. Enough Said."
Stefanie Glendening Katich-Wife,MOM
"I wanted to get in shape before having another baby and I got in such good shape, I did a competition!!"

Hardbody Coaching & Transformations is Amazing

Education and Experience=Success
Tomy and Tyishia Woods-Husband and Wife, Military Veteran Power Couple
"Tomy and Tyishia Woods dropped over 40lbs of Fat and over 12 inches together!!"

They Supported each other every step of the way and did one amazing job in just 16 weeks!!

Maria Olivo-Single Mom and Fitness Model
"I saw the results from a lot of their clients all over the world and I wanted to see if they could help me.

They took me on as a client and Im glad I got to work with them. I still coach with them and I'm a trainer myself.

Accountability is important. THT always answers my questions and is there with me if I need anything."
Helen Davis-Mom, Wife
"I knew I needed help to be my absolute best and I reached out to THT and the results show what they can do. I wanted to take my time and make sure I was 100% my best, so I worked with Hardbody Coaching and Transformations for over a year and I accomplished my goal with their help and guidance!!"
Amy Neal-Wife,Mom
"I wasn't happy with my body and the way i looked so i reached out to Hardbody Coaching and Transformations over the phone and they decided to help me with my journey and I've been training with them for a few months now and I'm singing back up for more!!."
Natialie Steck
"Trust the Process, The Process Works."
Mario Singelmann-Vegan
"Choosing a Coach is like buying a car or house. You get what you pay for. These guys are the real deal."
Shevon Cunningham-5X World champion
"I only work with proven coaches. They got the degrees,over 17 certifications and 1,000's of Transformations. I didn't have to think about it. working with THT was a no brainer."
Kristen Diekevers Campbell-IFPA FIGURE WORLD CHAMPION--School Teacher
"We set a goal as high as the stars to become a Professional Figure World Champion--And I had never won a show before! We did it in one year! I'm a Single Mom w kids and if I can do it, anyone can with a lot of Hard-Work and dedication. 
Genieve Sanchez
Have you Ever Imagined Being Beautiful?  My Transformation was about Self Esteem and Confidence...Law and Patricia helped me be a better person for my children."
Charina Fargesen-Single Mom in 40's-5X World Champion
I've been with THT for a few years now and I've never worked with a coach or trainer before and I'm glad that I found the best my first 5 Pro World Titles Later.
Chandra McIntyre-Nurse
Have you Ever struggle with your weight?  Working w Hardbody Coaching has really helped me find balance and achieve my best body yet.
John Becker-Pastor @Kc Church of Christ
"I've always had confidence issues my entire life.... now that I'm losing weight and starting to put on muscle I can honestly say, I have more confidence then ever...Plus we go to church together so Law's always holding me accountable"
Debi Pallin

I'm right about 9 wks in this program here is why you take the before pic!! So excited and begging for more the second half!! Lol But... 

Since I was a teenager I wanted to be a weight lifter/bodybuilder. 
I just let everything get in the way and life took over... Broken hearts, deaths (in 20 yrs 35 funerals by the time I was 31 including almost all my family and my mom and step dad).. Abuse, severe depression (I'm beyond lucky God kept around), severe broken back at 16yrs old, and a paralyzing MS attack with the diagnosis 3 yrs ago.... 

This program has done more than just give me a very well working body it has given me my self esteem back, my courage and the ability to see within myself that anything is possible. .. 

I don't know where this is leading me but I know I could only wish everyone in the world could feel this amazing.... I'm humbled daily for what I have, who I am and have yet to become, and for being able to have the strength and dedication to do to this.. I am most certainly blessed to be a part of something that's as rewarding as Hardbody coaching!! Thank you with all my heart Law and Patricia! 

Again this from April 18th to Now!!
KENNALL Schoenekase-2016 Miss Kansas, Registered Nurse
"If your wanting to look and feel great or be your best, you need a coach that specializes in helping people take their physiques to the next level.......I've been working with Law since High School"
Dara Alderton-39, Mother of 2
"I'm Down 33lbs  and 7 inches in my first 16 weeks with Hardbody Coaching....  My goal is to lost 50 more and inspire others..."
Kate McCambley
Danny Bradley
"If you really wanna get in shape, no matter your age, or goals----THT can help. I promise"
Law & Patricia Payne-
Credentials: 9X Drug Free World Champions,Best Selling Author--Over 10,000 Transformations

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Corrective Exercise Specialist

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Performance Enhancement Specialization

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Weight Loss Specialization

·      International Sports Sciences Association -Personal Trainer Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Fitness Nutrition Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Sport Nutrition Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Master Trainer Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Elite Trainer Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Sports Nutrition Certification

·      American Council on Exercise-Fitness Nutrition Specialist

·      American Council on Exercise-Weight Management Specialist

·      American Council on Exercise-Behavior Change Specialist

·      American Council on Exercise-Lifestyle and Weight Management

·      American Council on Exercise-Sports Conditioning Specialist

·      Functional Movement Systems-Level 1

·      Functional Movement Systems-Level 2

·      Venice Nutrition

·      Precision Nutrition-Level 1 Certified

·      USA-Olympic and Power lifting Level 1

·      USA-Olympic and Power lifting Level 2

Hardbody Coaching @ Over 10,000 Transformations